Industry 4.0: What

Industry 4.0 is described as the digitization of manufacturing and its integration into the digital ecosystems of value chain partners.


Industry 4.0: Why

Industry 4.0 brings significant return on investment (ROI): 55% within 2 years; 37% within 2 - 5 years; 8% more than 5 years.


Industry 4.0: Why

Industry 4.0 brings significant cost reduction on an average of 3.6% and total US$421 billion until 2020.


Industry 4.0: How

Industry 4.0 involves the use of data analaytics and internet-of-things (IoT); "Better forecast products/production" and "Understand plant performance across multiple metrics" can lead to significant improvement in manufacturing performance.



iSAC Systems's product 2PCubeTM optimizes Productivity and Profitability in the manufacturing process using Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning techniques. 2PCubeTM provides real-time data storage, real-time data analytics, and real-time data messaging. 2PCubeTM can interface with the existing SAP, Microsoft and other software being used in manufacturing. 2PCubeTM will lead to smart job scheduling, smart tools and smart machines.


Self Diagnostic

A suite of iSAC Smart Sensors or actuators along with proprietary algorithms empowers CNC machines to conduct tests themselves to enhance safety and reliability, without external test equipment or man-power. This feature leads to significant reduction in cost with limited technician accessibility.

Predictive Maintenance

iSAC Systems smart sensors monitors the condition and performance of CNC machines 24/7 and the AI and Machine learning based proprietary algorithms predict when maintenance is required for each machine with a goal to avoid both unnecessary scheduled maintenance and unplanned breakdowns.

Remote Monitoring

iSAC Systems IoT platform provides real-time condition and performance of CNC machines to the customers remotely, via mobile apps/desktop computer apps. Alarms or anomalies information are immediately sent to the customers, at the time of their occurrences, via emails or phone text messages avoiding major delays.

Cost Reduction

Statistical Process Control

iSAC Systems smart sensors measure key parameters of CNC machines in real-time and big data analytics employs statistical methods to analyze measured data and control quality of the product during the manufacturing process in real-time.

Advanced Process Control

iSAC Systems provides next generation Advanced process control (APC) that includes single-threaded run-to-run (R2R) process control, "supervised" fault detection and classification (FDC), improved data management and analysis capabilities through leveraging of big data architectures, and incorporation of prediction capabilities in solutions for improved manufacturing process quality and uptime with reduced cost.

Digital Quality Management

iSAC Systems' solutions support digital transformation in quality management to enable customers to have major savings in costs and reduce the amount of manual errors.

Human-Process Interaction

Human-Process Interaction

iSAC Systems 2pAI solution provides insight into human-process interaction.


Real Time Yield Optimization

With iSAC Systems' data analytics, a real time assessment of the yield of the machine is achieved. This feature can feed important information to production, to scheduling and to sales.

Smart Energy Consumption

Respecting the environment, including compliance with government rulings on gas emissions, and profitability are the results of complete monitoring of the electrical system, from wiring and contactors to motors and drives. iSAC Systems' IoT sensors have a very short pay back time.


iSAC Systems' data acquisition and analytics on the machines provide benchmarks among themselves and other plants. These benchmarks are used to optimize the manufacturing process.

Machine uptime

Condition Monitoring

Essential to achieve higher yield and to improve profitability is the Machine Uptime. iSAC Systems' IoT platform provides constantly the necessary insight to the health of the machine.

Preventive Maintenance

iSAC Systems' data analytics allows the optimizing the timing of the preventive maintenance according solely to necessity without stopping the manufacturing operations.

Machine Flexibility

Using iSAC Systems IoT platform along with AI based data analytics, the machine working cycle is shortened and the machine is more available.


Advance Analytics

iSAC Systems’ Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning based data analytics provides forecast of parts requirements and failures of machines, tools, and machine subsystems (such as motors and drives) more than a month ahead or 6 months ahead in some cases.

Data Driven Design Value

iSAC Systems IoT solutions provide design and development of new products or operations based on real-world results.

Data Driven Demand Prediction

iSAC Systems data anlytics solutions provide prediction of product demand more than 6 months ahead, based on real-world results.